Thursday, October 19, 2006

Long time no posting!

The friend that we were accessing the internet with was having trouble with his satellite. I can get online now because we are in California for a month or more, waiting for Baby Case to be born.

My husband is learning Spanish at a wonderful pace, he can say just about anything he needs to say, and just needs to practice more to be more smooth and automatic. I have more work to do.

The girls love Mexico! Their accent is amazing, even though most of what they say is not an earthly language.

We have been amazingly blessed by the Lord during these times. God is teaching us so much, and meeting every need as always! Next week is the Missions Conference at our church. That is just another one of the little things God worked out.

I will try to keep posting about some the things God has taught us as a family. Thanks to all who pray for us! We appreciate it!