Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011


Mondays are off days for us. It's like Saturday for us, and we have school on Saturday.  This morning we got up late.  I dilly dallied around and got around to making breakfast late-very late.  The kids cleaned up while I prepared a week's menu and shopping list; slowly.  I also found the time to tickle attack at least three of my children.  Elisabeth broke my pyrex baking pan, and I reassured her that I understood it was an accident.  Pyrex explodes violently when broken, so she was traumitized.  We went shopping, and on the way got stopped by the federal police to have our papers checked.  He saw that we were Americans with California plates and thought it would be good to make sure we were here legally.  (Honestly have no problem with that!)  Then we ate at a restaurant-very late for lunch, and enjoyed some more family time, and some fruit before sending the kids to bed.   David threw up all over his bed about five minutes after that.  This is no surprise, because this ugly bug passed through each of the girls last week.  David must have taken a little longer to incubate.  So now I have an urgent interruption in my laundry routine in the morning, waiting for me.  David is a brick, ready to do the deed and go right back to sleep.
All in all-a restful day, and and ordinary one.   I'm so thankful for days like this!  I love laughing and making my kids laugh.  I love helping them with their trials that seem so great to them, helping them to be strong.  We all need quiet days from time to time, don't we?  It never goes right to plan, but it helps me connect with my husband and my children.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hey it's Spring!

There are some beautiful flowers growing in the fields, but not many near my house.  If I get some good pictures of the Spring blossoms here, I'll be sure to post them!  Here are some that I took of Springtime at my parent's place in Cloverdale last year.
Ryan was terribly allergic to this, I think.
Cherry plum blossoms just beginning to open

More cherry plum blossoms

Elisabeth was in this position much of the time.

Peach blossoms!

I forget what these are!

More from the peach tree.  (The same one that my daughter watered with gasoline.)