Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Couple of Little Angels

A couple weeks ago, one of our soulwinners was out knocking doors, and a young girl of about nine answered.  She said her mom couldn't come to the door.  He asked her if they went to church, and she said no.  Then he asked her how she thought someone could go to Heaven.  She said that she knew how.  Jesus died for everyone's sins, and they could only go to Heaven if they asked Him to save them.  He asked her who told her this.  Turns out, one of our families has a little girl who attends her class at school, and she led her to Christ at school.  This family, who now attends faithfully and is growing in Christ, only started coming last year after the little girl was befriended by yet another of the little girls in our church, and started coming.
Praise the Lord for these precious little angels.  (Angel simply means "messenger of God".)