Sunday, April 17, 2011

God's blessing poured out-and missed!

The storms have begun!  We have a nice warm day, then around 4 oclock, on the dot, thunder slams through, rain pours, hail hammers, and my dog freaks.  These began this week, and as we experienced this every day during the spring and summer of last year, it does not bother us. (Humans)

Church time under a tarp, on the other hand, is an adventure.  Chairs are moved to the middle.  There are many more people now than there were last summer, so we are close together.  Puddles form quickly in the overhead tarp, and when a gust of wind moves the tarp, they empty out over the sides.  Tonight the seats had to be placed very close to the pulpit, and I was sitting on the front row, close to where Ryan was leading the singing.  We were singing "Avivanos, Senor".  I don't believe I've heard this song in English, but since it's a rousing revival song, I love it.  The last line of the second verse begins with "La lluvia de tu bendicion..." or "The rain of your blessing..."  I thought quickly, Yup, we are getting that tonight!  The line ends with, "derrama ahora aqui!"  Or "pour out here, now!"

Right when we began to sing the word for "pour out", a puddle began to pour out blessing from the Lord directly to Ryan's left!  It started small, then dumped about a gallon of icy water into the platform, while he quickly sidestepped to the right, and continued singing, with difficulty, because the laughter problem.  (There are times when we must not make eye contact in church if we wish to retain proper decorum.)  Later, while Ryan was preaching, more "blessing" continued to pour out over the other side of the tarp, and we had to scramble to rescue the piano.  I thoroughly enjoyed the service tonight!  No one is going to be tempted to fall asleep if the visit here!

The good news is the construction of the building should be finished in a month or so!