Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trying out the new editor updates with a picture

They actually smell and taste even better than they look.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mexico!

Ryan and Bro. Ismael
David loves dressing up!
The stripes appeared shortly after we arrived. One of the little girls was sharing.

The girls had fun too!

We celebrated Mexico's independence and freedom, and two people accepted Christ as their Savior. Can you think of a better way to celebrate freedom that receiving liberty from sin?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bro. Jaimez baptizing Elisabeth!

These aren't the greatest pics, but there wasn't a lot of water in the pool, and since we couldn't wait for another two hours, we just dunked them the best we could. Elisabeth is so light, her feet popped right out of the water!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mind the mud puddles!

What church looked like before the wind and rain came. We've also put up tarps in the back and behind the pulpit to block the wind.

It's a cold, wet, muddy Sunday.The water makes puddles in the tarp over us that empty themselves periodically on unsuspecting churchgoers who are brave enough to sit near the edge. They smother their shrieks for the most part. We believe everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, but you would never know it for all the scarves, gloves, overcoats and boots.

It's good to gather around the fire of God's Word and receive a red-hot message that convicts our hearts and warms the Spirit in us!

By the way, pray for us to be able to build soon!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Did you hear me scream?

I love hanging laundry. Now if someone were to leave a clothes dryer on my doorstep, of course I would not hand it over to the trash man, but there is something about the getting out of my (rather noisy) house for some peace while hanging up items in the sunshine that I enjoy more and more. Today was no exeption. I was out there taking some things down that I had left up last night. It was under the tarp where rain wouldn't get to it, and I reached up for a skirt of the girls'. With a whoosh and a flutter, something that looked a little like a large black butterfly a little larger than my hand (I have large hands, by the way) flew out of the folds of the skirt, and up in between my arms. It flitted back and forth between the skirt and my face for a couple seconds, while I remained frozen, trying to figure out why a black butterfly was hanging inside this skirt in the middle of the day like it was sleeping there, and why it looked so mamillion, and not like an insect. It had found it's way out of my arms and was dancing dizzily around the yard by the time I figured out what had taken place, and gave my lungs a good exercise.

My little mothers

I love my kids. Elisabeth is lying on the couch, moaning. (That is, when someone passes by. She knows how to put on an image of suffering.) It might have something to do with the half bag of habenero potato chips she ate last night. Ruth and Rebecca are making her tea with honey, covering her with all their blankies, and bringing her little animals, reading her stories, and basically spoiling her to death. I would take care of her too, but I'd have to shoo them away. They are having such a good time, and Elisabeth is enjoying it so much, that I think I'll just let them do it.