Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mind the mud puddles!

What church looked like before the wind and rain came. We've also put up tarps in the back and behind the pulpit to block the wind.

It's a cold, wet, muddy Sunday.The water makes puddles in the tarp over us that empty themselves periodically on unsuspecting churchgoers who are brave enough to sit near the edge. They smother their shrieks for the most part. We believe everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, but you would never know it for all the scarves, gloves, overcoats and boots.

It's good to gather around the fire of God's Word and receive a red-hot message that convicts our hearts and warms the Spirit in us!

By the way, pray for us to be able to build soon!

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redneck preacher said...

The memories will be precious. If the Lord tarries 10 years those who stay faithful will look back at this as a wonderful time. Kids especially.