Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can you make do with an old picture?

I did find this. It's old and no one looks like this anymore, but it's cute.

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I need my camera!

ARRGGHH! My camera is on the fritz and I have a growing baby! How frustrating is that! He has gone from smiling to laughing and growing like no one's business and I can't get a picture of it.

Just take my word for it. He's cute. Very cute. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get from snuggling puppies? Puppies are amatures. David is a pro. And no, I'm not in the slightest bit biased.

It is in times like this that I am so thankful for my husband, because I know that without his guidance all of us girls would together spoil the daylights out of an otherwise delightful child. Ruth has designated herself the Chief Entertainer, and she drags his carseat around the place, making him watch everything she does. (Under my watchful eye of course.) Becca is the one who tries to comfort him when he cries. She's actually surprizingly good at it for a three-year-old. Elisabeth is the Thief. You see she was made to go off her binkie not long ago, and David owns several. Or he did, anyway...

Among the many things I'm working on will be the camera situation. And one of these days, I am going to tell our love story. God was so good to give me the husband He did. I love that story!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Catch a New Word!

I told the girls, "Tonight we're having Chicken Cacciatore!"

Rebecca jumped up and down, "What story, what story???!!!"

"No," I said, "Cacciatore!"

Ruth got excited, "I love Tori!"

Then she looked puzzeled, "Whose Tori?"

Thought I'd share my giggle. Now off to make chicken catch a whatever!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back Home!

Wow we all missed Mexico, and it sure is good to be back! The girls were asking for us to play Bambie in Spanish so they could listen to it. They don't understand it yet, but they missed it!

As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place.

Proverbs 28:7 says what we felt. We were surely doing what God wanted us to do, and He was providing. That was wonderful, but our place is in Mexico now, and we feel out of place when we are elsewhere!

Praise the Lord, we also have internet out here this time!