Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We can see the light!

We're coming out of the yucks, and getting ready for a very busy month! We're going to Vancouver, Washington on Friday, and we've got meetings every week all through the month. We love being busy, so we're looking forward to it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We like to collect the germs and explore them throughly everywhere we go. I'm sure we are sharing them too! The last week has been a flu week, checking fevers, wiping snot, and tucking in moments of sleep where we can. Chicken soup has been involved.

Homeschooling has not. Not by my word. That was the Principal's call. Teacher is a tyrant who would happily have her little charges studying from the sickbed, Kleenex in hand. The kids are glad to have a dad with more compassion on them than their mom-although they are getting bored.

It's not as bad as it could be. My kids have been through the Twister a few times, and a little thing like the flu just sets them back a little. They aren't complaining much, and they do like Chicken Soup.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Heading out again!

We're taking a quick trip down to Harbor City, CA for a meeting, and then we'll be back here in Cloverdale for a week before heading out again to Oregon/Washington for many more meetings.

Rita, of the Jungle Hut, gave me some great advice for homeschooling while on furlough, for which I'm very thankful. I'm definitely going to be using it this year.

Ruth's birthday was fun. We had a small family celebration, which included too much pizza and a cake. My mom made an adorable dress with a hat, and the pictures are forthcoming!

Well, enough of my rambling, newsy post.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Some pics of the critters!

I just found this in archives, and I had to share it!

I went back and found this in draft-it's a glory story! I didn't want to post it at the time, because I didn't want anyone getting the impression we were in need, so I just put it in draft and waited. Now I dragged it out and dusted it off, because I love sharing how God provides!

Some time ago we took an trip to the states for a family matter, and on the way back we picked up 2,000 lbs. of beans someone had donated to the orphanage? We got a 60 lb box. Well, because of that, we will not lack beans for quite some time. We have used about 30 lbs of them so far. (Oh good heavens, it's not just us eating-I make them for potlucks too, and hand it out to some missionary friends we know who need them!) We have 30lbs left, which should last us a while.

Man does not live on beans alone though, does he? (For the curious, the digestive system gets used to it after a bit, and the emissions become less vitriolic.) bluegiggle Someone is giving the church tortillas for the orphanage. hundreds of them every week. They told us not to buy tortillas any more, but come and get them from the kitchen. They just recently reminded us, asking us to please help them get rid of all these tortillas. (Don't you know we try to be a blessing and help out any way we can!) They aren't those little thin tortillas we're used to, either. They are thick, with a strong corn flavor. YUM!

So now we have this nearly unlimited supply of beans and tortillas. This is basic Mexican fare. Millions of Mexicans eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Together, they form a complete protein, and provide calcium as well. I know lots of people who grew up strong and healthy on this stuff. And we got it for free. Did you know the kids love it?

A formal protest

I've been doing over thirty years, every single year of my life, but (please excuse me while I yawn.) I will never get used to time change.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Newsy post

Just a little news on us and on our plans for the next few months! I'm getting the family ready to travel this month and next. This involves organizing things, which is one of my weaknesses, but it makes an enormous difference in the ease of a trip, so do it, I must! I'm also trying to work out the best way to home school while on the road. Ruth and Rebecca are doing K5 together this year, and I'm having a lot of fun teaching them to read. They are going just as fast as I can get the information into them, and they love it-the phonics, learning-to-read part anyway. They aren't so sure about the whole numbers thing. I sympathyze, but don't tell them! We've got a meeting next week, and then next month we start a full-time schedule of meetings. I'm so thankful for this time to get organized and into the school year a bit.

Also, the newest change we've made is a big move toward fitness-we are determined to get rid of the extra baggage. I already feel a major difference in my energy since we started eating more healthy food.