Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here is the context to the adorible "angry eyes" picture.

I hope you all don't think I'm sadistic at what I think is funny, but the other day, Elisabeth came wandering in from her nap, looking-well, bad. She sweats like no one I've ever seen, and also spends most of her nap twisting that sweaty hair with a finger. I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures, and here they are. The eyes was the last one, and so we all know that the correct caption should be; "GET THAT THING OUT OF MY FACE!" Although I really liked "What was that I just ate?" (thanks, mom!) Knowing Elisabeth, it could be true!

So here she is folks! One woebegone little snuggle bug. I laugh out loud for real every time I see these pictures.

The last one was taken two hours later, just to let you all know she isn't always such a mess.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Caption contest!

Give me a caption for this picture. I did this on a forum I'm on and it was fun, so I thought I would share it with my vast readership. In a couple days I will share some other pictures that will give the context of this one.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No, you may not have a cake sandwich.

I actually said this to my five year old tonight with a straight face and didn't laugh till afterwards. It's amazing how many absurd things pop out of your mouth when talking to the -5 set, and you would never have imagined the need to say such a thing.
Incidentally, here are some pictures of the cake sandwich dreamer herself. (Just for the grandparents!)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things to do:

Give your children strong refrigerator magnets. (This worked best with the 5&4 year olds.)
Tell them to go find things that are metal, demonstrate how the magnet sticks to metal, but not to wood or glass or plastic or you.
Admonish them that if they get something out to test it they have to put it back-if you skip this step, you will rue the day you ever read this.
Remember, as they are prancing about the room with their magnets stuck to forks and measuring cups and singing the impromptu “metal song”, which is annoying, but less annoying than, say, Barney; that they are learning something, happy and occupied and go do something quick before they get distracted!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Call me Mrs. Case, or Space if you want to.

I have to tell on myself because this is so funny I can't keep it to myself.

It all started with a crabby, teething little baby boy-it is good to have someone to blame it on... I was trying to feed him before church-nothing doing. He struggled and fought when anything touched his gums no matter what it was. (Tooth just breaking the surface.) Finally I looked at the clock and realized I was running late. Remember that I live right on the church campus. Out my front door to the left is the temple where they hold adult services, and to the right across the dirt parking lot is the trailer where the nursery is. Behind our apartments are parked buses that are converted into classes. Ruth and Rebecca were already there, because Ryan took them, and he was waiting for me in the service. I locked the front door, baby on hip, purse on arm and Elisabeth in hand.

The moment I shut the door I had this sinking feeling. What is wrong? Why is there this klaxon going off in my head like I just sealed the gate of doom? I looked at my feet. I was wearing house slippers. They were flip flop types, with no piece between the toe. Very casual. Not only that, worn to shreds. But over my nylons. Yes, very geeky.

And that was not all, oh no. I took the babies to their class, and walk/ran to the temple, thankful that the service was starting late, (Mexico is wonderful that way) and made my confession to Ryan. I pointed at my peeping toes and said, "Just look at what I noticed right after I locked the door!"

He looked at me unbelievingly, like I was joking.

"Keys, please! I have to get back!"

"You're kidding me."

"No I'm not, look at my flip flops! C'mon!" (Outstretched hand dancing impatiently.)

"Sarah, I don't have the keys."

(This explains the klaxon.)

SO, after the invitation, while they were taking a special offering for something, I slipped out, got my most agile child out of her class in the bus (Ruth) took a screen off one of my windows, opened it, and put her inside to open the door for me. All the while grinning sheepishly at the ushers who were walking by laughing at me.

Oh, I almost forgot. Remember the whole baby fighting off dinner incident??? After I sat down for the service, feet tucked firmly under my chair, I looked down at my dress, and there, I saw my son's dinner on my chest. I must have looked funny hugging my open Bible on top of my purse in the back of the church with my feet under my chair. OH WELL! Praise the Lord it was a great service! I am sure no one noticed, you know how it is when you feel like the dorkiest person alive though...