Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things to do:

Give your children strong refrigerator magnets. (This worked best with the 5&4 year olds.)
Tell them to go find things that are metal, demonstrate how the magnet sticks to metal, but not to wood or glass or plastic or you.
Admonish them that if they get something out to test it they have to put it back-if you skip this step, you will rue the day you ever read this.
Remember, as they are prancing about the room with their magnets stuck to forks and measuring cups and singing the impromptu “metal song”, which is annoying, but less annoying than, say, Barney; that they are learning something, happy and occupied and go do something quick before they get distracted!


redneck preacher said...

Oh look Mommy! All the magnets stick to Daddies computer.


Julie's Jewels said...

We've done this when our children were small. They were blown away by not only what the magnets would stick to but also what they would repel against. They were fascinated by the force that it would put forth to keep it from sticking to some things. They would try and try and try and it wouldn't even get close to attracting to the object. That was funny!!

Jungle Mom said...

Hello from Florida.