Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here is the context to the adorible "angry eyes" picture.

I hope you all don't think I'm sadistic at what I think is funny, but the other day, Elisabeth came wandering in from her nap, looking-well, bad. She sweats like no one I've ever seen, and also spends most of her nap twisting that sweaty hair with a finger. I couldn't resist taking a couple pictures, and here they are. The eyes was the last one, and so we all know that the correct caption should be; "GET THAT THING OUT OF MY FACE!" Although I really liked "What was that I just ate?" (thanks, mom!) Knowing Elisabeth, it could be true!

So here she is folks! One woebegone little snuggle bug. I laugh out loud for real every time I see these pictures.

The last one was taken two hours later, just to let you all know she isn't always such a mess.


Tori said...

She's such a cutie, even when she's sweaty. :0) I love sleep photos, they are so innocent when they are asleep. As mine get older, I've learned to enjoy those innocent moments. :0)

redneck preacher said...

Perspiration and tangled hair
Woebegone eyes and skin that’s fair

Add 20 years and a pleasing smile
She’ll own the room with innocent guile

The creation of GOD is a wondrous peril
For the heart of a boy whose nature is feral

The taming effect may cause him to marry
And pray that the LORD may wait, hold, and tarry


Hmm. I know someone who heats up also. She turned out fine. Well she is a nutCase though.

Jungle Mom said...

LOL! love the redneck preachers comment!

Stephanie said...

My daughter sweat really bad when she sleeps too. The funny thingis, is when she is sick (a high fever)she doesn't sweat at all. So if she wakes up and her hair isn't wet I get worried.

Julie's Jewels said...

How precious!! She sure does sweat doesn't she? I don't think I've seen anyone that sweats quite so badly. But she sure didn't look real happy either. But thanks for posting the last picture....that shows us a much differnt little girl.


Such an adorable little girl. May God always bless and keep her. connie from texas