Thursday, July 12, 2007

No, you may not have a cake sandwich.

I actually said this to my five year old tonight with a straight face and didn't laugh till afterwards. It's amazing how many absurd things pop out of your mouth when talking to the -5 set, and you would never have imagined the need to say such a thing.
Incidentally, here are some pictures of the cake sandwich dreamer herself. (Just for the grandparents!)


redneck preacher said...

Grandpa approves a cake sandwich. Use Miracle Whip and sweet pickles.

Mom laughed, cute kid,


Been reading Rita's blog. wow

Julie's Jewels said...

Sounds like something my kids would have asked for. Now that they are teenagers and older they eat spaghetti, cold pizza, and anything else that would not classify as typical breakfast foods. At least they are eating...right?

Jungle Mom said...

Hmmm.sounds ok to me. Cute outfit too!

andybecky said...

Lovely pictures. Hey, if you do give her that cake sandwich with Miracle Whip and sweet pickles, be sure to do it at Grandpa's.

Speaking of cake, Andy just made a cake--no pickles or Miracle Whip.

Daughter of the King said...

such sweet themmm...


A very beautiful sweet young girl. I think I would give her a cake sandwich, connie from Texas

Happymama said...

Well, that's a new one! A cake sandwich. LOL That's funny.


Happymama said...

I've just finished reading some of your dad's posts. He's a riot. I like him! His deliverance in presenting his thoughts are great.