Thursday, September 02, 2010

Did you hear me scream?

I love hanging laundry. Now if someone were to leave a clothes dryer on my doorstep, of course I would not hand it over to the trash man, but there is something about the getting out of my (rather noisy) house for some peace while hanging up items in the sunshine that I enjoy more and more. Today was no exeption. I was out there taking some things down that I had left up last night. It was under the tarp where rain wouldn't get to it, and I reached up for a skirt of the girls'. With a whoosh and a flutter, something that looked a little like a large black butterfly a little larger than my hand (I have large hands, by the way) flew out of the folds of the skirt, and up in between my arms. It flitted back and forth between the skirt and my face for a couple seconds, while I remained frozen, trying to figure out why a black butterfly was hanging inside this skirt in the middle of the day like it was sleeping there, and why it looked so mamillion, and not like an insect. It had found it's way out of my arms and was dancing dizzily around the yard by the time I figured out what had taken place, and gave my lungs a good exercise.


redneck preacher said...

Vampire bats live in Tizayuca?
If you lived in CA you would be safe. We elect our vampires to congress.


Sarah Joy said...

I don't think it was the vampire variety.

Rachel Winkler said...

OH Sarah....I can not even imagine that happening. I screamed one day and I only saw a little frog. I really dislike bugs, spiders, insects....well, you get the idea. So thankful that God gave me some boys that come running when mommy screams for help!