Sunday, September 18, 2005

I love Sundays!

I just love Sundays. I love getting up in the morning and thinking about serving and worshipping the Lord. I love seeing the excitement on my daughter's faces and they get ready for church and shout to each other, "goin' ta CHURCH!!" I love singing with my bretheren the praises of the Lord, and getting into ministry wherever I can. I love hearing God speak to ME in everything, from the music, to serving, but especially through the preaching. God speaks to my need each week, and most of the time, it is the need I will experience during the week.

God sure created a beautiful thing when He established His church. I have seen His churches all over the west coast of the United States, and let me tell you; every one is different! They are different sizes, have different kinds of pastors and different kinds of members. Some poor, some rich, some very wise, and others struggle with foolishness. Not one of them was perfect. Every one of them was a priceless jewel in the eyes of God, and He loves each one more that I can possibly imagine. When I think about how great God's tender love is for His church, I can only wonder at it. The time that I have spent contemplating how very precious God's church is to Him has given me more to think about than I ever will be able to, and I am still in the shallows of an ocean.

It is a precious and special thing to be a part of God's church. To be a member in a body that suffers together and joys together. If I see a weakness, it is my weakness, and my strength can help that weakness. Where I am weak, the church may hold me up. This was God's plan, and it is good. I pray that wherever I am, I can be that part of the body that God meant me to be, so that it is not lame, or deseased, or blind; but where I am concerned, it will be whole by God's grace!

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