Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Christmas Thoughts

Here's a blurry picture of our cute little tree. We broke down and got a fake for the first time.

Blessed Christmas! Have a wonderful HOLYday tomorrow! As I meditate on the story of Christ's coming, I am continually amazed by the beautiful, humble way the Creator came to earth to do His greatest work. It is something we do not understand, but imagine how His mother and Joseph must have felt!

If it was me, I would have thought something had gone terribly wrong! I would have been feeling very sorry for myself, having barely escaped giving birth in the street. And I would probably not be feeling much gratitude for the provision of a barn. (I've been in those things before. They do not smell like "traditional Christmas!")

However, Mary had a very special faith to be in the state of mind that she could ponder all the events. The Bible says she did. Not fret, stew, or worry. That is faith. To have faith that ponders every thing that happens, even when it hurts or is frightening, wondering, "What is God's plan? What does He want to do with this?"

Joseph was also amazing. Many people after going through an uncomfortable or painful event following obedience to God hesitate to obey Him fully again. Yet about two years after this, his family was visited by the wise men. They were given wonderful gifts, and could look forward to a comfortable life, but in the middle of the night, Joseph was told to pick everyone up and flee to Egypt. Joseph didn't hesitate. He obeyed. That is faith in action!

These are the people God chose for the family of His Son. They were not sinless, but they were people of extraordinary faith, in that they trusted God that He would have a plan in every circumstance, and they obeyed Him explicitly. What could God do with my life if I trusted Him like that?

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