Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Mommy Moment

I have a thing about laughing frequently. I need it. There are times to be sober, but if I pass up the times God provides for a good loud shout of laughter, I'm always sorry later when some stress comes up and muddles my thinking. I think laughter clears the cobwebs out and clarifies the emotions just a bit.

While I was washing my never ending pile of dishes, part of my mind was on the three girls near my feet, playing with my laundry basket. They had their entire collection of colorful ponies in there, and it was setting sail about the room in what appeared to be a gale. The basket was swooping around the room like a wild thing. All six little hands were clinging to it at it swirled, dipped, and careened about. I could only imagine that those poor horsies were thinking they were going to sue the socks off their travel agent if they ever made it safely to the stable again. I said the first thing that popped into my head.

"Ooo! If I were in there it would make me sick to my stomach!"

Instantly the room was filled the groans, moans, and retching of eight plastic ponies as they were all struck by a wave of seasickness. I look again, and sure enough, each nose has been turned out to lean over the edge of the basket.

I had to stop working and sit on the floor to get through that fit of laughter.

There was only one thing I could say after that.

"You guys better clean up all that pony puke!"

But then again, maybe you have to be a Mommy to think this is funny...


redneck preacher said...

Grandpas can think it is pretty funny too.

Yesterday I baptized Bill in Santa Maria. cool huh?


Sarah Joy said...

Yes very cool! Did mom get my email!!!!????

redneck preacher said...

YES she did and you should have heard Bill say, "Praise the Lord" I must confess the beginning of your missive gave me pause.

Pretty cool.


Sarah Joy said...

Yes, I knew that would grab your attention.

Happymama said...

I think it's a great story!


Deborah said...

Great post!...though I wondered at first as I began reading!!...I found you through Deby!