Friday, June 27, 2008

I just found this in my archives, and I had to share!

I went back and found this in draft-it's a glory story! I didn't want to post it at the time, because I didn't want anyone getting the impression we were in need, so I just put it in draft and waited. Now I dragged it out and dusted it off, because I love sharing how God provides!

Some time ago we took an trip to the states for a family matter, and on the way back we picked up 2,000 lbs. of beans someone had donated to the orphanage? We got a 60 lb box. Well, because of that, we will not lack beans for quite some time. We have used about 30 lbs of them so far. (Oh good heavens, it's not just us eating-I make them for potlucks too, and hand it out to some missionary friends we know who need them!) We have 30lbs left, which should last us a while.

Man does not live on beans alone though, does he? (For the curious, the digestive system gets used to it after a bit, and the emissions become less vitriolic.) bluegiggle Someone is giving the church tortillas for the orphanage. hundreds of them every week. They told us not to buy tortillas any more, but come and get them from the kitchen. They just recently reminded us, asking us to please help them get rid of all these tortillas. (Don't you know we try to be a blessing and help out any way we can!) They aren't those little thin tortillas we're used to, either. They are thick, with a strong corn flavor. YUM!

So now we have this nearly unlimited supply of beans and tortillas. This is basic Mexican fare. Millions of Mexicans eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Together, they form a complete protein, and provide calcium as well. I know lots of people who grew up strong and healthy on this stuff. And we got it for free. Did you know the kids love it?

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