Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where did I go???

Hello, all you folks out there in blogland! If you are still popping around to see if I've resurfaced, an update:

We had a great holiday season; busy of course. It was one I will remember forever, a precious time with family, celebrating the one thing we all are thankful for the most, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We had some meetings, wrapping up our furlough, and getting ready to go. I also went through all my stuff, getting it ready to unpack in Mexico, in my new home, which is desperately exciting to me.

My daughter had a bad episode with her appendix, and had to bid it farewell. She is doing great. My main problem with her is keeping her from wrestling with her siblings. We are dependent on the Lord for providing for our needs, and moments like these are powerful reminders of this fact.

The plan is, to head out to Mexico in just a few weeks! I don't know how often I can post between now and then, or how soon we will have internet when we arrive. I got an awesome camera for Christmas, though, so I'll probably not be able to resist posting some fun pics.

That's it! Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!


Jungle Mom said...


The Campbell's said...

I'm still here and checking up on you :) Love you guys hope we get to see you before you leave! Carrlee has presents for the kids still sitting here waiting to be mailed :( I'm so sorry! If you will be coming this way we will wait to mail them but if not then I will make sure we get them mailed soon!

Sarah Joy said...

Emily, we should be there next week! We've got some work to do getting ready, and we need to be in the area. We also want to say goodbye to everyone.

After reading everyone's updates about the revival on Facebook, it's kinda hard to be away!