Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Well it didn't seem right to kick the father of my children out of his seat at the computer so I could post a note on Father's Day honoring the fathers in my life, so here we are, a day late. I must say something though, because fathers are so important. They challenge us, teach us, show us how important we are, and give us our vision of the future.

I'm thankful first of all for my Heavenly Father. His love for me, so much more than I could even begin to understand, His care of me so perfect. He has never failed me. I don't always understand what He does, but He never changes, so as long as I trust and obey, His faithfulness and goodness will sustain me. Thank you for Who You are, Father!

I'm thankful for the man who introduced me to my Heavenly Father. My dad made certain decisions in his life that left our family completely in God's hands. Because of this, and because of his faith, we kids were in a position to see, no just instruction on the subject of God, but a real Person Who was active in our lives, providing for us daily. Dad, you gave the best gift a father can give a child-a vision of God's real life work! Thank you!

I'm thankful for the aforementioned computer hogging father of my children. (Well, it is his computer.) Besides being cute, strong, and incredibly handsome, he is a wonderful father. This year I interviewed my kids, each separately, on the subject of their dad, and here are their answers.

"I know Daddy loves me because..."
  • Ruth: He takes care of me
  • Becca: He reads me the Bible, he makes me clean my room, and he tells me stories.
  • Elisabeth: He gives me hugs and kisses
"Daddy makes me smile when he..."
  • Ruth: tells me funny stories!
  • Becca: wrestles with me, and he tickles me, and he pinches me!
  • Elisabeth: plays with me!
What I like to do with Daddy:
  • Ruth: "Going to eat Japanese food one-on-one."
  • Becca: "takes me to Walmart to pick out a toy." (I have a feeling this one is a hint.)
  • Elisabeth: "I like to play with Daddy!"
The most important thing Daddy taught me:
  • Ruth: The Bible! (Here she quotes John 3:16 as the most important thing.)
  • Becca: "about Jesus, and how He died on the cross for me to save me, and I got saved, and there is a hell and a heaven!"
  • Elisabeth: Bible verses!
I want to say, "Thank you, Daddy for..."
  • Ruth: For giving me a Bible. And candy!
  • Becca: So much! I love you! (Here I encouraged her to give me more info.) For every thing you do! (I told her to be more specific.) For letting me watch you play Monopoly!
  • Elisabeth: For teaching me verses!
Some of this is silly, but do you notice that they all know what the most important thing Daddy teaches is? None of those answers were coerced, and they had no idea of each others' responses. I'm so thankful for a husband who understands this, and also seeks to introduce his children to a living Father who can love them and care for them all their lives!


Tori said...

What a very sweet post. We're so lucky to have good husbands and fathers for our children.

Very sweet post!

redneck preacher said...

A good post and a keeper. Made me smile.