Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of the mouth of Elisabeth

Today, while I was getting the two healthy, non-flu infected children ready to go to Bible Club, I noticed Elisabeth coughing.  She hacked and hacked, and since she was up some in the night coughing, we decided to keep her in with the others who have fevers.  When I told her she couldn't go to Bible Club, she looked downcast as only she can.  (If you want a peek into her personality, mix up Eeyore with deep sincerity and emotion.)  Then she picked up her head and said, "That's so sad, Mom, but it's OK, because Jesus is still with me!"

I said, "Never, never, never forget what you just said."


Morgan's Blog said...

When I lived in Santa Rosa, there was a morning I couldn't go to church. I was probably sick or something, but I was extremely upset.I cried and cried.The irony of throwing a fit because you cant go to church!

redneck preacher said...

Sarah, that is very cool. Your response was good too. I will share this in my missionary new tomorrow (in a non-bragging manner). Sounds like someone is doing something right there.

MORGAN, it sounds like someone is doing something right there too. awesome


redneck preacher said...

news not new