Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love and Kisses!

These are pictures that mean "love" to me!  Happy Valentine's Day!
Just might be my favorite picture.

Yes, this one means "love" to me.  Don't you see the love??

The little baldie is Elisabeth

"If only I had showed up on the doorstep of non-huggers."  (She's getting used to the affection, and I think she likes it now.)

Cynthia performed this service for all of my young crew.  More than once.  That's love.

She also felt the need to lie down on the grass for a while afterward for some reason.  I can only spin two at the most.


redneck preacher said...

Some very awesome pictures. The last one is my desktop now.

Emily Campbell said...

LOVED all your pics :) thanks for sharing!