Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (and I'm NOT late!)

Here mother's day is tomorrow, which means for my multicultural children, they must honor their American heritage, and their Mexican heritage.  Absolutely.  Yesterday I got cards from my kids, and my sweet oldest daughter made coffee and brought me some. (I'm not ready to trust her cooking in the kitchen without help.)

 My husband says I have to pick one day.  I think he needs to open his mind!  What about embracing the good in other cultures and all?  Well, I'm going out with him today, so I better not complain!

For the record, I love being a mom.  I had a sweet, humble, hardworking, dedicated mom that I try to be like as much as I can, and this journey has been one I would not trade for anything.  It's a privilege indeed!

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