Thursday, June 02, 2011

You encouraged me!

When I went to the Youth Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church, I had reached the point where I just wanted to do whatever God wanted me to do. He led me very directly, based on the doctrine, standards, and spirit of love for God; to go to West Coast Baptist College the next Autumn. It was a decision I have never doubted or regretted, even after things (bills, sickness, etc.) got tough.

I knew what God wanted me to do, and when I stepped forward to do it, He provided, and kept on leading me to the next step. Right now, I am still on that path, and He's just as faithful as ever. I've seen things and done things I could never have imagined. He's given me a life that is challenging at times, but so packed with amazing things, that the funny little ideas I had as a child of what my future would be look silly.

I get to see God do what He does! What does He do? He transforms lives. He takes impossible situations (a dozen are popping into my mind, just from this past year.) and turns them into glorious and unexpected blessings. He can crush hearts of stone, and save people everyone else has given up on. He humbles Himself to hear the voice of little children who are hurting, confused, or just want to learn how to know Him better. He humbles Himself to hear my cry!

And I wanted to be a veterinarian. I've got nothing against veterinarians, don't get me wrong. If that's what God made you for, go for it. I just can't now imagine myself doing anything other than what I'm doing now.

Which brings me to the title of my post. Some of my friends from my church made some decisions at the last Youth Conference. I remember, some years ago, sitting in the pew and listening to you sing, "But each one, can reach one, if we follow after Christ we all can lead one, we can lead one, to the Savior..." If you saw me you must have wondered what was wrong with me, because I was blubbering. I was thinking, "What if each one of these children did what God made them for?" And I was praying for you. If you start out on that path, you may or may not end up in Mexico like me, but I promise you, you will never ever regret it! Hearing that you made decisions for God is such an encouragement to me I can't find words to explain it. Stick with those decisions! Keep hold of the faith that God has given you now (we make those decisions by faith), and He will bless you for it. Do what He made you for!

You are taking a step away from your families to study, and to gain experience serving God. I know this can be nerve wracking, and sometimes you will feel homesick. If you start out with a bad attitude, it will be real tough. If you make some unwise decisions along the way, the devil will try to convince you that you are done for. He will also throw some roadblocks in front of you from time to time.

God knows all about each and every one of these things, and I've seen Him give victory to His own in each of these situations. So what I'm saying is, step in to finish! If you have a goal, finish it, and be open to God guiding your life from this point. Let the Lord have His way in your life, and don't let yourself get discouraged, as challenges come. Keep getting closer and closer to the Lord, letting Him use every thing you pass through to draw you more and more into His heart. If you are taking that step away from your family, and into the will of God, it's like stepping right into His arms. Don't worry about anything-He will take care of you!

I hope you don't think I'm nagging. This is just sisterly advice from someone whose gone that way before, and loves you, and can't keep her mouth shut. Know that I'm praying for you!

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