Monday, April 23, 2012

What should I do?

What to do when my daughter tells me she just saw a giant hairy spider the size of her hand go under the couch.
A.  Run screaming from the house, never to return again.  Maybe we can sell it fully furnished?
B.  Cancel all appointments for a week while sterilizing every last item in the house.
C.  Burn the couch and be done with it.
D.  Tell the child to leave the poor spider alone and keep the house quiet while I go take a nap.


Emily Campbell said...

C ;)

SkyBlade91 said...

If Joe were there he'd try to catch it!


Sarah Joy said...

I did look for it some, but couldn't find it. We have tarantulas here, but they are rare, so it might have been an exaggerated wolf spider. (I would rather it were a tarantula.)