Monday, December 17, 2012

Blog reboot

My life has swung way out of the range of my blog to keep up with.  We are kept busy with ministry and homeschooling, and the blog is left on that back burner is never getting attended to.  I thought I would move the blog off the back burner for various reasons.  Family and friends love to keep updated on our life, and I enjoy the interactions with them when I discuss current events.  I also want to keep the old creative juices flowing, even though now it's a little out of my comfort zone to stop and think so much at the end of the day.  Therefore, I'm not bringing it forward much.  I'll prepare one blog post a week, unless something is going on in ministry.  (Real life still trumps the internet.)

 Another reason I want to do this is that my daughter has started writing again on her private blog, and I want to keep her motivated to write once a week too.  If you are part of the cool crowd of privileged individuals who have received an invite to her blog, you can check it out.  If not, make a comment to request one, and if I know who you are, I'll send you one. 

Here is a random picture of a camel trying to stick her head in my window.


Emily Campbell said...

I would love to be part of the cool crowd reading your daughters blog ;)

Sarah Joy said...

Emily, if you could make a comment with your email address, I can add your profile to the people who can see Ruth's blog. I won't publish it.