Thursday, November 27, 2014

When God Stops You In Your Tracks

Here is the second "lost post"!  It's so encouraging to review the things God has done, remembering His greatness.  He is good!

He did it again!  Two weeks in a row, God messed up our little plans.  Last week, I went with my husband.  We stopped at our friend's house, and my husband went on to visit the gentleman who had received Christ the week before, and another contact he had made.  When he had only driven down the street, the van started to stall.  Now one thing you do not want to happen if you can prevent it at all, is to be stuck in traffic in Mexico City with a broken down car.  Our van is pretty reliable, and this was highly unusual.  He returned to the house and we all looked at each other thinking, "Now what are we gonna do?"  We asked the family we were with if they had any nearby friends or family we could talk too.

After a few moments consideration, the wife told us she knew her sister had a friend she had been witnessing to, so she called her sister, who lived just around the corner.  Five minutes later, the sister and a couple from her block showed up at the door.  When asked what they came for, they responded frankly, "We came to find out about salvation!"   Soon they, too, were asking God to save them from their sins. The husband had been struggling with a weak heart.  He had suffered several heart attacks, undergone open-heart surgery more than once, and wanted to know how to make peace with God.  He was so happy after receiving Christ!

Oh, by the way, the van?  Started right up and drove us home afterwards with no problems at all!  Ryan said he expects the vehicle he's using to fail every time he goes to do something for the Lord, and all he has to do is wait around for God to bring one of His lost sheep.

We are supposed to go to the mountains, highways and byways looking for sheep, but we should never be blind to God throwing a wrench in our plans so that we can find one of those sheep in the middle of a problem.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Tori Leslie said...

Great reminder! Sometimes we do get awefully busy doing God's work that we don't see all the opportunities around us. Loved this!
Hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!