Saturday, August 19, 2006

Internet Again!!

I am so thankful we now have internet! I can blog again--that is, when I get the time. We keep ourselves pretty busy around here. I am just loving the work, though. The girls love being in Mexico, and we are all learning Spanish little by little. Thanks to everyone who is praying for us. Keep it up!


Tori said...

Hello! What a sweet family you have.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. It's difficult for anyone who isn't a missionary to understand life on the mission field.
God bless you guys as you settle in and learn the language. Praise the Lord for the revival going on there in Mexico and for Christians willing to go reap the harvest!

Glad to know you now!!! :0)

Sarah Joy said...

This field is wide open! I just wish more Christians were simply willing to go where God wants to put them! I think there would be a lot more missionaries everywhere!