Saturday, February 17, 2007

A piece of my thoughts:

OK, I know that I'm just putting up cute stuff about my kids ad nausium. If you came here to have a deep theological evaluation of life and faith in today's forum, I am sure this is a disappointment. That being said, this blog is about my life and thoughts and I have four children under five years old.

BLABBABLABBABLAABBA! (I try to curb those kinds of thoughts as much as I can, but they do pop out every now and then.)

And now, another series of pictures.

This is a portrait and the subject. I am sure you can see the striking resemblance. The two year old artist is not available for business, however, as her parents do not believe that a life of fame is really that good for her, and the siblings would get jealous. So the world will just have to wait.


Tammy said...

Great portrait! ;-)

Michelle said...

Very nice..LOL