Monday, April 09, 2007

April 10!


You taught me how to pray. You showed me how much brighter the stars are at four a.m. You wrote numerous poems for me-most silly, some very deep. You introduced me to my Saviour, and baptized me in one very cold lake. You taught me how to notice deer grazing on the side of the road and you taught me to love reading out loud. You were my first hero, and you showed me to depend on God and trust His Word.

I can thank you for showing me to just believe God, and because of that, God has been able to bless me in too many ways to count. Thanks Dad, for giving me such riches to carry with me in my walk with God, to let Him add to, and to give to my own kids. God bless you and Happy Birthday!

B.B. (Don't you dare tell anyone what that means!)


Redneck preacher said...

Wow, What a wonderful surprise. Just when I am thinking I am a useless old man too. Thank you Sarah, you are my sunshine. Last night at 3 the wind was blowing so hard it was making the stars wiggle (poetic license). I thought of you and thought Sarah would love the clear air and CLEAR stars and she would not mind too much me waking her. I thought of waking Jim, ... nah. He was upset when I woke him to look at a comet. Sigh.

I have lived 3 years past my father’s life, to the day. Being 60 seems like it should be important. By the way, the name of the VERY cold lake was Whiskey Town Lake. I am sure that is important also.

Thank you also for NEVER laughing at my serious poems. Greetings to all

See you


Julie's Jewels said...

Awww. That is a very sweet tribute to your daddy. You are so fortunate to have a daddy that introduced you to the Lord and got to baptize you as well. What an honor for a parent. I didn't have that unfortunately...but that is okay....I'm just thankful that I met the Savior one day. Now I'm praying for my momma and daddy to come to know Him too.

Jungle Mom said...

Dads are the best aren't they? Happy Birthday to him form me!

redneck preacher said...

Thanks for the good wishes Jungle mom. I enjoy your spot very much. We will be praying for you and yours. Sarah, your somewhat puter challenged dad is going to try to do this blog thing.