Friday, April 27, 2007

Would you call this a sleeping disorder?

"Drop, Flop, and Snore Syndrome"

There is also a history of this behaviour.

Please disregard the strange clothing. This child also likes to get into the cloths closet and indiscriminately choose clothing. I usually let her wear what she puts on for a while, even if it is on the wrong limbs and upside down.

The first picture is in front of the couch. Flop. The second is almost under my bed. Plop.


Tammy said...

Awww, that is too cute. She just goes, goes, goes till she can't go any further!

Stephanie said...

All of my kids had the same "disorder". my youngest still does. I usually find him under his brother's bed.

Jungle Mom said...

I would call this a necessary gift for an MK who may have to sleep in several strange places during their life. Too cute!

skislady said...

Hi! I saw your blog while browsing Tori's blog. My 5 month old daughter's name is Sarah Joy and I thought that quite interesting!

Sarah Joy said...

JM, Yup, they have each of them slept in some very strange places. I am thankful we got deptuation mostly over with while they were tiny. We have some more to do before going to Mexico City, but they know the drill! Drop, Flop, and Snore!

Tammy, we say there are two gears in our kids. Turbo, and off.

I saw the pic of your son on the dresser in your blog. That was what gave me the idea of posting Elisabeth's sleepscapades.

Hi Skislady! Thanks for dropping by. I checked out your blog.

Michelle said...

Aww..That is to cute

Julie's Jewels said...

Awww. How cute!!