Saturday, May 12, 2007

Enough procrastinating

The purse meme: Here it is in all its glory.

Two diapers, size 3.

One pull up with Bugs Bunny, size 3T-4T. (It's the wrong size for Elisabeth, but that's what Ryan picked up, and I'm not complaining!)

My wallet

my makeup bag.

a wad of napkins from an unknown fast food resauraunt.

A F.R.A.N. prayer card.

A band-aid, cause you never know.

The checkbook.

A thank-you card that I wrote for someone and never gave them.

A card from a dear friend with a picture of their family.

A sugar-free menthol Ricola wrapper.

An old shopping list.

A notebook.

Another notebook. (I have a thing about cute notebooks.)

Post-it notes.

A child made Christmas ornament.

A comb.

A bracelet.

Three pens.

A halls wrapper.

Vannilla flavored hand cream.

A bath wand. (Child's toy-you stick a little tablet in it and wave it around in the bath water and it changes the color of the water.)

Post it notes with pictures of cats, horses, dogs, butterflies, and bees on them. (Waiting in line with children.)

A clothspin. (Because, you never know!)

A dry baby wipe.

Four reciepts that I need to give Ryan.

At the bottom is glitter and sequins from the Christmas ornament, and

three pennies.

There it is, better late than never! Thanks Jungle Mom!


Jungle Mom said...

Vary interesting stuff! Happy mother's day!

Julie's Jewels said...

Wow!! You sure do have a lot of things in your purse. I often consider myself as carrying literally everything but the kitchen sink. Sounds like I know someone that might qualify as doing the same...LOL!! This was interesting to read about you.

redneck preacher said...

Haiku for Sare's purse

searching her purse she
found change and evidence of kids
and sticky fingers