Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random topic.

We've been quite busy this week with odds and ends. My husband went on a three day trip for a Bible Conference a hundred miles away. The girls occupied themselves by getting sick right after he left. They are so sweet and they know how it distresses me to be "home alone" so they decided to give me lots of stuff to do, like cleaning up their beds and dumping buckets. Ryan is back now, and they are getting better. I need to take care to fatten them up, though.

I am amazed by how mooshy a mama's heart can get when those little ones get sick. Did they stay in their comfortable beds? No. Did they lay on the couch where I put their blankets and pillows? No. Did they snuggle down under my covers in my bed? (It's toddler heaven, getting to lay under mom and dad's comforter!) No. The majority of the day, they followed me around with a blanket and pillow, and wherever I was working, they would lay down on their blanket on the linoleum right by my feet. Guess they wanted to be near me. And my heart is one big skooshy puddle. Sigh-I just love them to pieces. Goodnight all! We are gonna get some much needed rest!

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Julie's Jewels said...

Bless your heart!! Nothing like having sick young 'uns when daddy is at home....let alone when he isn't. I am glad they are better now.