Monday, September 10, 2007

The fear of man is a snare

I have become increasingly convinced of a social, spiritual change taking place among those in America who call themselves political conservatives, and Christians

Here it is; compromise with the enemies of our most basic beliefs and convictions for the sake of securing our country reveals that we have completely lost our fear of God, and furthermore, that He is not the One we depend upon to guard and protect us. I say this because there is a candidate courting the conservatives and Christians who is openly pro-abortion. He gave some lame attempt at a mealy mouth appeasement of our beliefs, but there is no doubt as to where his beliefs and convictions lie, and where his vote will be, or his court appointments. I know there are other candidates, but this man seems to be the “front runner”.

I have heard, on the internet, on the radio, and among my friends hither and yon that the time has come to lay aside our differences to take care of the need at hand, which is national security. These are Christians, people of faith.

Yes! I know the radical Jihadists want to convert or kill all Americans! Yes! I know that the country is in danger, but may I ask, just those who claim the name of Christ: Who do you really fear in the long run? God or man? Do you fear that God is removing, bit by bit, the protections that our nation has enjoyed since the beginning? He has been unbelievably merciful to us over the years, in providing protection and victory over and over again. We can not succeed in our current struggle if we suddenly try to do it without Him, by electing people who “can beat the other side”.

I would rather the “other side” got elected than for America’s Christians to elect a man to protect them who would send the nation deeper under the shadow of the wrath of God. That man is not going to save us from Islamofacists. God can. I will not vote for someone who has denied his conscience so far that he believes completely innocent human life is trumped by someone’s personal choice.

It grieves me to see God’s people capitulate on these things. We should not be saying, “He’s the lesser of two evils, and he’s right on national security!” We should be saying, “How can I secure the blessing of God on my country?”


redneck preacher said...

Another point to make is that electing the conservatives in the past has brought officials who cower when a liberal roars, says they will secure the border then allow agents to be arrested, allow judicial appointments to be stymied because they do not want to hurt the "new tone", permit traitors to denigrate the troops, etc,etc.

The Republicans talk more like us but still act like liberals. Better to vote to please GOD.

Good point,


Daughter of the King said...

Amen...I am thinking WHO is there to vote for?...Where is the outcry from all the Chrsitans on the far right that elected our current president.....when you lose the total respect for life at it's earliest vote and think it is okay to abort a baby..NOT a are on yourt way down fast morally....I am dreading this next presidential election....