Monday, September 17, 2007

More pictures!

I was walking through Walmart with Rebecca and David, and thinking that it was time for another contentment lecture. I had the nerve to walk through the toy section, which had toys of all kinds, particularly the kinds that Rebecca likes so well. Her eyes glazed over a little at the wonder of so many things that she wanted. Then she started asking for them. I dutifully repeated "No." for a few isles, then we passed the bikes. There was a beautiful little pink bike with flowers and ribbons on the handles. "Can I have a bike?! Please! Please? PLEEEEEEASE?!!!"

It was time. I drew out my contentment lecture and started in. I pontificated on the perils of discontentment, the wonderful things she had that she needed to be thankful for, and how it's not bad to want things, but it is bad when wanting something makes us unthankful for our blessings. I went on for quite a while, and my daughter became quiet. I'm not sure if it was the deep wisdom of my words, or the fact that she was now bored out of her mind, but I was satisfied that the begging had come to and end, and pleased with myself, we proceeded to the check out. Where I found my husband. In his cart was that cute little pink bike with flowers and ribbons on the handles!

Way to back me up, Babe!


Tammy said...

LOL Cute story!

Cute pics too! =)

redneck preacher said...

Obviously you husband is an astute connoisseur of deep spiritual counsel and he was tuned into the LORD’s direction. Your little one had heard and received and accepted your wise words. This was a good illustration of how God deals with his children. Only after we accept his blessings equally as yes or no will he give the desire of our heart.

This is why I am very sanguine about the LORD giving us millions of dollars. I can accept God’s direction and blessing in the Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes whether I win or no.

hint, hint


Sarah D. said...

It's always the men, isn't it? LOL! We can always count on them to pull through, huh?

tiffanystreasures said...

very cute! What a blessing for them! I just hope they know how to share. (just kidding) Lots of love, tiff

Happymama said...

Hehehehehehe.....daddys just can't resist their baby girls!!!! I should know....I'm a baby girl.



Julie's Jewels said...

Those are adorable pictures.