Thursday, November 22, 2007

A helpful home remedy

Well, it's the season of snot, and sore throats in the Northern Hemisphere. I thought I would put my favorite home remedy here for anyone to try. For sore throats and especially for coughing that needs to be broken up, I make oregano tea. I got the idea from the book Home Remedies: What Works: Thousands of Americans reveal their favorite home tested cures for everyday health problems. This book is from the makers of Prevention Magazine. They asked their readers to send in their favorite home remedies, and then checked them with doctors and scientists. So you not only get the remedy, but the reason why it would work, along with safety guidelines. This is my favorite cough remedy, and I've added a couple other things to it.

Pour boiling water over 1/2 tsp or less of dried oregano. Watch it while stirring, and as soon as the water is a nice yellow color, strain the leaves out. I use a mesh strainer, although I have also put the oregano in a coffee filter and wrapped it with a twist tie. Do not over steep it till it is dark yellow. YUK. Add honey to taste.

This really helps to sooth the throat and also keep the fluid "Coughable". I used to get bronchial infections, and sometimes bronchitis every year with my colds and flues, and now I use this to keep it loose, and I haven't had a secondary infection since I started doing it.

Now for my own additions: If you have anise, (Tastes like lichorich) it gives a wonderful throat numbing sensation, and I have also added bay leaves crunched up for a mentholy type of feeling. But the thing that does the trick is the oregano. Both of my additions, in my opinion, greatly improve the flavor.

When one of my kids gets sick, I make this, and all of a sudden I hear fake coughing from every one else cause they want some too. It helps with that TICKLE THAT DRIVES YOU NUTS AND KEEPS YOU FROM SLEEPING!!! AAAAUGHH!! You know what I mean.

The other thing I must do to avoid those pesky sinus infections is a bit more extreme, but it works as well. If you don't mind feeling like you are drowning yourself deliberately.

Happy Cold Season!

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redneck preacher said...

Another sure fire potion for strengthening the lungs and general health issues.

Add 1 12 oz cup of Dad's coffee
little milk


WILL cure what ails ya