Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my faithful readers! We will be eating our feast tomorrow with a missionary family here, and I am making a couple of pies and flan. Last night we had hot cocoa, cider, and everyone put something in the Thanksgiving box. This is a box with a slot, that we will put things we are thankful for throughout the year, and around Thanksgiving, pull it out and put the things in a scrapbook. This will be the first year we do it officially, although I've been putting stuff in the box periodically. I want the kids to look back at the year and see how we can be thankful in any situation.

Which brings me to my own thankful list. I could do the long one, involving all the members of my precious family, every good thing that happened to us this past year, every thing I have that I enjoy. I'd be remiss not to include every single unpleasant thing that happened to us also, because God not only says He can make good come out of "all things" in the lives of those who love Him and are called to His purpose, but He also commands us to give thanks in every thing. So I can include the "junk", because of the grace He provided in it, the good He will do with it, and the lessons I learned about Him from it.

But instead of all those things, I'm going to just say I'm most thankful for my Lord Jesus. Without Him, all those things in life are vanity. He brings purpose to not only my blessings, but also my trials, and He brings confidence and peace in the face of my fears. I can trust Him with my eternity, my immediate future, my family, and even my failures. I've been eaten up with the need, the hunger to know Him better, to be His friend. He's been mine, that's for sure!

I've always thought that Thanksgiving is the perfect context to introduce the Christmas season, Let's carry that spirit into our celebration of Christ, and not forget His mercies to us!

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