Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Do Bats Come From?

Here is one of the deeper conversations we had this morning. Rebecca, who likes to anylize everything to pieces, Elisabeth, the serious one who takes everything literally, and me.

Rebecca (wearing a black plastic batman mask, quite adorible): "Look Mom! I'm Batgirl!"

Me: Cute!

Rebecca, after a short silence: "Mom, can bats be girls?"

Me: "Well, yes, there are bat girls and bat boys, too."

Rebecca, after another short silence: "Are there bat babies?"

Me: "Of course there are bat babies! Where do you think bats come from?"

Elisabeth has been listening intently, and she thinks she knows the answer to this one. She pipes up immediately, in all seriousness; "I know! The BAThroom!"


redneck preacher said...

I always knew there was something in there.


redneck preacher said...

I'm with Elisabeth. Of course the BAThroom! Intelligent response is not to be stifled, except by the unavoidable burst of glee and hugs of congratulations! I love you guys. It's real quiet around here. Mom

Jungle Mom said...

Love it!

The Campbell's said...

That was so cute...she is pretty quick!