Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I don't know how *I* got wrangled into this. I was supposed to sit there and laugh at Ryan and take pictures.

I did laugh though, especially when he nearly lost the balut along with the pansit we enjoyed for lunch.

This is a Filipino snack. It's a duck egg with the duck embryo inside, boiled. You are supposed to crack it open, suck out the juice, and eat the yoke and the ducky. It's about three bites, unless your mouth is humongous. It tastes like....boiled egg. Go figure.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this!"

Here is my egg
We were told we had to do this, too.


Must. Swallow.

I'm trying to be cool. Note the delight in the face behind me!

Warning! This is the picture of what we ate! If you have a weak tummy, just stop right here. If you think this is fun, click on the image for even more goriness.


redneck preacher said...

Arg, This post is possibly the most unappitizing I've seen. I, even I, would pass on the Balut. Unless someone would be offended. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.


Hannah Springer said...

You are a better woman than I am. Congratulations! You made someone's day.


The Campbell's said...

Oh my...I have no words!!!! That is so gross! How did you do it, I don't I could ever do matter what!

Sarah D. said...

I saw this on the Travel Channel on that show Bizarre Foods. It supposed to be a real delicacy over there. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try it! Good for you!

Susan said...

These pictures are quite similar to the ones we took on our Friend Day last August - even down to the delighted laughs and smiles of our Filipino members! LOL What is missing is my husband or myself eating balut!

Tori said...

Balut is major yuckiness.
I have seen grown men vomit from balut.
I have made it my business to stay away from the Filipino tables at mission conferences around the county. If I'm not close they can't, offer.
BRAVO, for being brave enough or crazy enough to try it!

John Barker said...

Balut is offered in 3 different styles. 16 days old, still basically an egg. 18 days old, somewhat more advanced, and 21 days old, Almost ready to hatch. If you find yourself in a situation like this that someone insists that you try Balut, GENTLY counter insist that you be provided with a balut no older than 18 days unless you are willing to put beak, feathers, and soft bones into your mouth. A pinch of rock salt will help a lot. It is inappropriate for the host to insist you try 21 days, something Not All Filipinos are willing to do.
From a white man who eats Balut and Durian regularly :)

Sarah Joy said...

John, I'm so glad you found balut post! These little guys were still soft-they must have been the 18 day variety. It wasn't bad as far as flavor and texture; the difficulty is all mental. It's not something we are used to, that's for sure!
My husband's favorite food is menudo, made with beef tripe, and some folks think he's crazy for the same reason.