Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Very Long Drive, Part II

Sunrise through my window-kids are waking up, and wondering where they are.
(This is the beautiful Central Coast)

Arizona was under-represtented on my camera. It did have some beautiful places that we drove through, but this is what I captured. Sorry Arizona. Also, it was hot.

The sunset was beautiful!

At this point, we stopped for the night at a hotel on the border, got up the next morning, packed everyone up and crossed the border. Then I suddenly realized I was not taking pictures-so here is our document processing station, the next morning.

Here is David keeping us safe from the dangerous bears while we were waiting. Elisabeth was not happy with this, as this is her bear. It was not the first, or the last, fight.

Just some of the scenery.

The Road!

Passing some homes.

To Ryan, chili suckers=home. He's a happy man.

More pictures of our trip coming soon!


redneck preacher said...

suckers with chili and chili on watermelon are the reasons Mexico has a corrupt Government. Yikes.

Not like ours.

Yikes again

Did you eat the bear?


Sarah Joy said...

We did not eat the bear, but someone did use him as a pillow!