Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Very Long Drive, Part III

The evening of the first day after we crossed the border-this is Tuesday night.

We arrived in Obragon, and took a day to rest with friends. This is Norberto. He taught us Spanish while we were in Tijuana. This is his father's house, and they were such a blessing to us!

I snapped some pics of the kids while we were there.

David REALLY likes what Cheetos taste like in Mexico-Yum! (It's different.)

Becca's having a great time.

Norberto teaching the kids how to make ceviche. ( I know I spelled that wrong; can someone set me straight?)

I thought this was cute, is it "super" or is it "mini"?

More homes we passed.

On the big freeway, every 50-100 miles of road has a toll station. These tolls went from $8 to $20, depending on the state we were going through. Also, each state takes care of its own roads. Some are very good roads, while others are not.

A peek at the ocean!

I am so glad we had none of this activity, beyond the first day on the road. Here, David is pretending to lose his lunch, because Ruth told him he could throw up in her new bucket if he wanted to. (Sweet of her.)

Pretty sunset in Guadalajara.

We did not stop! More pictures coming. This was the last one I took that night. We kept going all night long. My next picture will be a sunrise!

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The Campbell's said...

Loving all you updates of the trip! I can't believe you have tolls every 50 to 100! Miss you guys and we are praying for you!