Friday, July 15, 2011

May-June prayerletter!

As you can see, the bottom floor is mostly finished, except for painting.  On the other side of the building is a doorway that needs a door, but all is secure.  You can see the top floor where the nursery and offices will be.

Two vehicles God provided to bring people to church.  Most of our members don't have cars, so this ministry is needed.
Here is our beloved church family.  Every family unit has a story, a burden, and a victory.  Many of them have seen miracles as God changes people and provides for His people.  It's truly a priviledge to serve here!
Thank you for your faithful prayer and support! God has blessed us during the last two months, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

The theme for May was Missions. Two missionaries came to present their work during this month, and we took them on for support, representing Christ for us in Spain and Israel. Our church congregation also attended a three-day mission’s conference at a church in Pachuca, and their hearts were touched to serve God and commit to His will. Many also committed to faith promise missions giving in our Mission’s Sunday. Families from all over Mexico presented the need for missions in their home states, and we presented the need for missions and revival in the United States. It truly encourages my heart to have my brethren here join in my burden to pray for my homeland!

The fruit of this emphasis is readily seen in the faithful attendance to door-to-door soul winning on Saturday, with an increasing number of new believers getting out of their comfort zone and starting to testify. It is great to see new Christians going beyond the ‘silent partner’ stage, to begin giving the wonderful gospel of Christ, and see souls saved! Several men have also approached me asking for prayer about a calling to service. Pray for them as they seek God’s will for their lives.

We have seen much advancement on the building. As of last week, we now have a building that we can leave chairs and pulpit in, and we can lock it up when we leave! Doors, windows, and bars on the windows make a secure place to meet. A new need has come up however. The funds provided by several brethren here in Mexico have come to an end, having been used on the building, so now the church is working to raise money weekly to finish the project. While we don’t know how God is going to supply this need, we are confident that He will provide. He is the One who has done all of this work up to this point, and if He wants it finished, it will be done. Continue to pray for this need. The work to be finished is mainly on the second floor, finishing the walls and roof of the nursery, offices, and bathrooms. The nursery is currently being accommodated in an unfinished storage area, with a ceiling at 5’4”. My wife, who works in the nursery stands at 5’8”.

Please continue to pray for our discipleship programs with several individuals. I am working with three groups right now.

  •  Brother Jesus is struggling to keep his discipleship times, because he is looking for work. He’s been faithful to Saturday soul-winning, and he has not had a relapse into alcohol or drugs since the incident I wrote about several months ago.
  • Juan and Paty have temporarily discontinued their discipleship because Juan’s mother is gravely ill. She was a follower of the Watchtower and Tract Society, and had a bleeding problem in her arm. She refused for weeks to receive a blood transfusion, and finally changed her mind after frustrated doctors sent her home, since there was nothing more they could do without a transfusion. Since then she has received the operation, and several transfusions. She has been cast out of the Kingdom Hall, and we are praying for her salvation. I beg you to intercede for her, that God will have mercy and continue to call her heart while there is still life in her. Pray for Juan and Paty, who are new to the faith, and faced with such a difficult trial.
  •  David and Yolanda are also struggling to find enough work to put daily food on the table, but they are so hungry to learn and grow more that they are coming twice a week for discipleship sessions. They are actively involved in ministry as well. Pray for them as they learn this faith walk, and that their zeal remains steady.
Thank you again for your prayer and support! God bless you and your church family as we labor together with God to reach the world.
God bless you all!

Sincerely Yours,

Missionary Ryan Case


taylormom2six said...

Praise the Lord for all He is doing there! Your family and ministry are in our prayers!

Phil. 4:13

Rupa Lahiri said...

You are leading the most blessed life! God bless you!