Sunday, March 18, 2007

One historical day for us

Something happened not a full hour after my last post that is interesting and sure to make a great post, but I haven't had time to blog about it, and what happened today is some much more important, I cannot compare the two.

My husband preached his first sermon in Spanish today. Twice! A missionary who pastors two churches asked him to come, and we were in one church in the morning and the other in the evening. Ryan has been working on this sermon for a long time, writing every word, translating it and reading it aloud many, many times. I could tell the Lord was helping him, and God was truly working through us, limited though we are. In the morning service, a family; dad, mom, and teenage daughter all came forward. The pastor went to the front and led to the Lord right in front of everyone! What a beautiful thing to see! In the evening service, a young couple received Christ as their Saviour.

All I can say is; GLORIA DIOS!


Redneck preacher said...

Very happy for you two/six. When are you going to be able to preach in Spanish? Love you and and very proud of you.


Jungle Mom said...


Sarah Joy said...

Ha ha! Dad, I will not be preaching anytime soon in Spanish or English. (Not the way Ryan did anyway.)
Jungle mom, gracias!

Vic said...

Tell your husband, congratulations. I remember my first time preaching in Spanish some 25 years ago. You historical day brought back many memories of those days.

Sis. Julie said...

Amen!!! What a blessing to know that God used your hubby and that souls were saved!! I'm sure it has really helped you and your family to see God work in and through your hubby and the ministry y'all have there.

Anonymous said...

Wow Congratulations to Ryan! What an achivement.
Praise the Lord!!


Jackie said...

Brians first sermon in spanish was an exciting time for us too. I think I was more nervous than he! LOL. What a blessing to hear about the salvations!