Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sequal to "Give Me Back My Dirt!"

Now you will know...."the rest of the story"!

Well the morning I posted "Give Me Back My Dirt!", the Lord was speaking to me along those lines after reading my Bible and hearing the children squabbling, so I posted what was on my heart, and thought piously, "Well I hope that's a blessing to someone!" Blogging about things that are on my heart is a way to get it out where I can see it and make more sense of it, so it helps me too. I was quite pleased with myself, until an hour later when (ominous drum roll please) my washing machine broke.

Would you believe that right after that precious message from the Lord, one little convenience appliance breaking, and I was all ready to throw a fit! At least I wanted desperately to. What does God have to do, whack me upside the head with a two by four?! He prepared me perfectly and always provides the strength in every situation. He has never let me down. Sometimes the things I am willing to get angry about astonishes me when I think about it from His point of view!

All we do is only by His grace, and I have only just begun the grace journey. I've got a long way to go folks! I'm so glad He put me here, and is so patient and gentle with me, understanding and faithful always.

Thanks to His preparation, I was able to stop and chose to laugh instead. I have a mountain of laundry, but we still have everything we need and then some. And God keeps bringing in the blessings! See previous post for that!


Redneck preacher said...

Murphy's Law still affects Christians. The main difference is we have a higher law that uses Murphy's Law to form us into a Christlike creature. Too bad I resist and resent so much. sigh. Maybe you got that from your pop.

Stephanie said...

all i can say is i know just what you are talking about. and i think God does need a two by four for me some days :)


Sounds to me like God is really doing a work in your life. That is a wonderful thing because we never stand still if we are not moving forward then we are sliding back.Thank you for the encouraging thoughts. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

Ironic at times isn't it? Thanks for the prayers for my Dad

Julie's Jewels said...

I totally understand what you are saying about posting about what God shows you personally from His Word and wondering if it will make sense to anyone else. I have done that too and have several posts that I'm working on that I'm wondering about as well. I figure if God gives it to us to help us then He can and will use it to help someone else too. So keep posting those things He shows you...they are a blessing.