Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Love Story

We met our freshman year at West Coast Baptist College. I remember noticing a young man who always looked excited. Even at breakfast! He would bounce into the room like he was on springs, a great big grin ready to greet the other students. "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" While every one else murmured quietly as they nursed their coffee and peered at him out of sleep-heavy eyelids, Ryan's voice filled the room with enthusiasm. "THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HATH MADE!" He would stand in line for breakfast and attempt to carry on a conversation with the sleep-walker next to him in line. "BEAUTIFUL DAY, ISN'T IT!" "mmhm..."

He was hard to miss. I must admit to the fact that I was one of those grunting, coffee slurping sleepwalkers. I didn't know that he was on his first walk of faith. He was thrilled to be saved, thrilled to be out of the world and into God's family, learning how to walk with God. He did grow on me though.

He asked me out to one of the social events. It was a Christmas Banquet. I went and enjoyed his company, and we ate some meals in the cafeteria together afterwards and sat in chapel together a few times. I knew he was interested, but we weren't dating. (In my opinion!)

At Christmas break, I thought and prayed a little more about letting him continue to pursue me, and the more I thought and prayed, the more uncomfortable I was about it. I needed to focus on the task at hand, and get going as a student. The Lord made it clear that this was a bad time for distractions. So after the break, I told him what I was thinking, and he agreed.

That's my story anyway. Ryan says I fell out of God's will and dumped him. (He's joking.)

Fast forward to the second semester of our sophomore year. Ryan had a roomate who had become my friend because we were in a lot of ministries together. One night while Ryan was trying to sleep, his roomate said, "Hey! I know the perfect girl for you!" out of the blue.

"What! I'm trying to sleep!"

"No c'mon! I know just the one!"

"Ok, tell me fast, because I want to be asleep."

"Sarah Margerison!"

"No way! She dumped me our freshman year!"

"Promise me you'll pray about it?"

"Sure, just let me go to sleep!"

The next morning, he remembered his promise, and prayed briefly in order to keep his word, "Lord, if you will open a door, I'll go through it."

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Actually, there is a lot more, and the best part of our courtship is yet to come, but I'm out of time, so you'll have to wait!


Susan said...

What fun! I think I've read at least this much of your story before, but I'm looking forward to it again. I may even show it to Sam while he's home. He just took a girl to the Christmas banquet who was driving him bonkers in Monday morning first-period English because she had kitchen duty and had already been up for hours. She was always so stinkin' cheerful. So what does he do? Ask her out! LOL

Sarah Joy said...

Keep an eye on those kitchen workers! Thank goodness I didn't get the morning shift...
Gotta love those first period classes. ugh.
You must be so excited! Have a great Christmas with your whole family together!

redneck preacher said...

I think if you pursue this story your pop should have a word about Ryan courageously asking for your hand in marriage and the kind way I treated him.


Sarah Joy said...

Dad, I will be faithful to the facts as I remember them. And yes, you certainly did pass up a wonderful opportunity to make a future son-in-law sweat bullets. Must be your naturally compassionate heart.

Natalie Marie said...

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Thank you,
Natalie for the YLCF