Friday, October 07, 2005

The blessing of giving

My husband was going to preach one of the nights of the missions conference. He was burdened and praying about his message while driving to a meeting on Sunday night, and God impressed on his heart that he needed to give one of the missionaries a certain amount of money during his sermon to demonstrate giving by faith. His first thought was, "Wow, can I
DO that?!!" But he told God that he would, and the he told me about his decision on the way home. When he opened the love offering from the church we visited, he just grinned. It was easily more than three time what a church of that size normally gives, and it covered the gift we were going to give to the missionary, the gas for the trip, and a little more.

Isn't that just like God? Some people think that God is a big meanie! They think they can't surrender to Him what He wants because they think He is hard and demanding and life will be horrible. He is GOOD people! Good, good GOOD! Life is amazing when it is in His hands!


Corene said...

What a testimony! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we can be too "codo" translated literally into English "elbow". What it means is that "sometimes we can be to stingy".

Steph said...

Amen! What a blessing! You can't out give God.