Saturday, October 01, 2005

Excerpt from our prayerletter!

We are now all together on the road again, and the Lord is blessing. Please pray for continued health and for our spirits to be in tune with God’s heart. Please continue to be in prayer over the gas price situation, as this is a big part in the planning of every trip we take. As always, our Lord is faithful, and we have absolutely no lack. I hope to encourage any who want to obey the Lord; He takes care of His own! I am witness to His faithfulness, and I stand with every one of His servants from the beginning of creation when I say that God has never let a servant of His down. He has never been less than perfectly faithful. When you trust in God you are putting faith in a FACT. It is a fact that has been proven over and over from the time that God made the world. There is no greater thrill than proving Him personally!


Corene said...

Hi, found your blog from jumping from my cousin's blog to another blog then to yours. I find it interesting to note that you all are going to Mexico City. I actually am a missionary kid from Mexico. Grew up south of Mexico City in Cuernavaca.
Anyway just thought I would drop a note. My blog is Corene's Chronicles. Anyway, hope deputation is going well. I don't remember much of deputation as I was under 2, but I do remember furloughs. They were fun.

Sarah Joy said...

How cool, Corene! I checked out your blog. I am getting excited to finally get to go to Mexico and live there. It has been a long haul! I will keep track of your blog!qy

Anonymous said...

I just saw your comments because of Corene. Corene is my daughter. We now live in Puebla, perhaps you can come and visit us when you get to Mexico City.

Vic (Corene's Dad)

Sarah Joy said...

Hi there! It would be wonderful to meet you and see your ministry! If you want to find out more about us go to