Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Confessions of the Slothful Christian

Appologies to William Walford and William Bradbury

Sweet munute of prayer, sweet minute of prayer
I put my time in and left you there,
So when I close my eyes to sleep,
My concience hardly even makes a peep.
I've filled my life with so many things,
I don't recall how my heart used to sing,
When I would kneel and to God's throne reach,
humbling myself, letting His Spirit teach.

A minute of prayer, how do I dare,
To tell myself what I do is prayer,
For prayer is entering the presence of Him,
Who can't stand the sight, the shadow of sin.
It's been so long since I have thought,
To ask Him to tell me the wrongs I have wrought,
I just take a moment to stifle the sting,
Of conviction before it begins to ring.

A moment of prayer, just a moment I give,
Because my busy life I must live,
I cannot miss my TV show,
I ignore every day that they reach a new low.
Entertainment fills my mind, my heart,
Thoughts of Christ don't have a part,
My spirit is weak, my flesh is strong,
Because in prayer I don't linger long.

Sweet passing thought that I should pray,
Before I go on about my day,
God's Spirit speaks, and the thought of Him,
Makes me fear, for His voice is growing dim!
Oh God! How could I neglect you so?
Forgive me, Lord, let Your mercy show.
YOu're my love, my life let me walk with You,
And "sweet hour of Prayer" will again ring true!


Anonymous said...

amazing. did you do this? Must inheirate talent from pop.

Carolyn said...


Wow! what an eye opening, powerful poem/song!! the part of it taking so long to ask Him what wrongs i've wrought really spoke to me! thanks for sharing this blessing.

In Him,