Monday, November 28, 2005

Ryan is feeling better. The pain is under control, and we are just waiting for the kidney stones to pass so we can go back to California. Thank you all who prayed!

We expected something to happen. Ryan and I talked about it a few weeks ago. We haven't seen one missionary family go to the field without a trial right before they go. We have seen it over and over, and we know that the devil hates it when missionary gets to the place God wants him. So here we are, and there may be more to come, as the Lord allows. We know that He is in control and that He will provide. We are praying that this will not set our date of departure back, but we know that God knows what He wants us to do and He will lead.

We are just waiting to see what the Lord is going to do with this trial. One thing is that we are both of us more dedicated to having a healthy diet.

Thank you again for praying!

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